Top 10 Best Hindi Dubbed Series On Netflix to Binge-watch

Netflix is one of the best streaming media services in the world. The site contains ranging from documentaries to movies and reality-shows and series. Netflix knows the potential of the Indian market and they have a vast catalog of Indian movies and series to binge-watch.

Some of the best series they have been dubbed in so many languages so the more and more viewers around the world can watch. Here are for you I rounded up around the top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix you should watch at least once.

1. Stranger Thing 

Stranger Thing top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by the Duffer Brothers

The science-fiction drama Stranger Thing is one of the best series on Netflix right now with an 8.8 IMDb rating. There is no age restriction to watch this one, one of the few series on Netflix which can be binge-watched at any age-group. The fun series is mysterious, thriller and horror too. It tells the story of a missing boy and an abandoned father whose daughter died due to cancer at in early age, a mother (only parent) of two young boys who’s father left, a young girl who does not know whose her mother but surprised being different (having supernatural powers) than others. Other than that its the story of a mysterious devil who brought mistakenly inside the earth crossing dimensions.

2. Narcos

Narcos - best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Chris Brancato 

Chris Brancato is not only a director but an amazing writer, who gifted to the world is non-other than Narcos, the drug lords-crime drama series. It’s a real story based on the king of Cocaine Pablo Escobar who was a narcoterrorist and drug lord of Colombian. It tells the story of Pablo how he becomes the billionaire using his IQ and tactics and fighting against the law-enforcement. IMDb rates the show 8.8 and Rotten Tomatoes gives it 89% ratings. Wonderful isn’t it? Story-line and screenplay and the acting of each character gripping it and make it more interesting for the audience throughout the season. Containing around 3 seasons this is one of the best Hindi-dubbed crime-drama you will ever be going to see on Netflix.

3. Ozark

Ozark top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams

If you’re a fan of high-quality standard drama that includes deep acting skills and detailed narration. This one for you then. Slow-paced but by the time you finish the first season you crave another one. It’s a crime-thriller drama just like in case you watched Narcos and loved then you should give it a chance to it. The story tells of a man who is dealing with the drug mafia to keep his family safe and alive. This shows no matter what whatever hurdle and trouble come in their way they protect each other.. IMDb has a rating around 8.4 and Rotten Tomatoes preserves 81% of the rating for Ozark.

4. Lucifer

Lucifer top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Developed by Tom Kapinos

Lucifer Morningstar, is a nobleman from hell, to experience and explore, he reaches the earth to see a closer look at humility. Although he could be a devil as he originated the hell, instead he helps the police to fight against crime. The TV series Lucifer is a fantasy and comedy-drama that was adopted by Netflix later and extended further. Its’ ratings skyrocketed, including 8.2 IMDb after being on the OTT platform. Many users argue that this is one of the best fantasy-dramas on Netflix. The performance of each character is top-notch, the storyline is gripping from start to end.       

5. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Steve Blackman

Have you seen X-Men movies wherein an institute everybody is immune to have different powers and they save the world against bad people? Yeah, The Umbrella Academy is a little longer version of that. Where a wise-man adopted six children give them different power to each. When they rise-up they together must save the world from crime and apocalypse. If you like movies of superheroes and apocalypse genre, this is worth giving a chance. This is Hindi-dubbed sci-fi-fantasy drama, which will not let you get bored. Humor with powers, the series contains so much action and wow moments throughout. IMDb has given 8 ratings to this and, Rotten tomatoes has 82. There are two seasons until 2019, containing 10 episodes each.

6. White Lines

White Lines top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Álex Pina

I like mystery dramas so do this one. I personally enjoyed it a lot. Glued me throughout the season and left with so many unanswered questions which surely will clear on next season! Zoe Walker, played by Laura Haddock, is in lead tries to find the culprit of her brother’s death but by the time she enters the zone, she finds herself in trouble. The showstopper Álex Pina, who also created the most famous series Money Heist, has given everything in White Lines that a viewer expects from a specific genre, which is off course thriller/mastery we are talking about. I may sound a little overwhelmed but trust me White Lines is what you might be looking for right now.

7. Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the new black top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Jenji Kohan

The lady show I would just say this because there are a lot of reviews on Google given to this by ladies. But the series is beyond what you see in cover or trailer or read it’s synopsis. It’s deep and relatable with so many emotional moments where you might get tears in your eyes. But it is not just emotional as it sounds, it has humor on many occasions that makes it more compelling to watch. Its a story of a lady’s journey being imprisoned. Where she feels sick and distress and tries to make life easy in jail. The series holds ratings of 8.1 on IMDb and 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Contains 7 seasons with consisted of 13 episodes each, almost a binge-watching.

8. The Witcher

The Witcher top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

The man of steel and our very own superman Mr. Henry Cavill as Geralt leads The Witcher but not to mention every character in the show is relatable. The first season already gained the popularity standing 8.2 ratings on IMDb. If you are looking for some epic fantasy action drama with top-notch acting and strong writing, and screenplay this web series highly recommended. The story revolves around Geralt who is mutated with special powers to kill the monster, but he also tries to keep humanity alive in anarchist civilization.

9. Lost in Space

Lost in Space top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Irwin Allen

There are pretty less TV series related to aliens and space and Lost in Space counts for everything linked to that. The show not only about space and science but also about a family that strong enough to fight to anyone irrespective of monsters and aliens to protect each other. Earth is slowly becoming a danger for people and most of them leaving and heading over to Alpha Centauri system, out of which a family spaceship crashes over to alien planet. The story tells how the family survives in the unwelcoming home of aliens. This holds quite impressive 7.3 IMDb and 75% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

10. Vikings

vikings top 10 best series dubbed in Hindi on Netflix

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Created by Michael Hirst

Although, Netflix does not hold the viewership of GOT, but it has some of the best period, historic, adventure, and fantasy dramas. Including this major TV series Vikings. History (Channel) original this period-drama is now a Hindi-dubbed on Netflix consisted of 6 seasons. The story tells the Ragnar, a farmer and brave warrior that becomes the king of Viking. Every character is enduring and very well written. The script and screenplay and the direction are outstanding. So if you love fights and war and blood-sheds stick with it.

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