The Top 10 Hollywood Sex Comedy Movies

Everyone wants to get laid, the kinkiest ideas for sex can be gained from these top 10 funny adult films. The most desired combination is when humor meets the sex, these movies make sure that you don’t just fantasize about the hot girls in their bikini showing their hot bare tits and nipples but at the same time. Imagine the awkward situation you can end up in while banging your girl at her own house. And suddenly her parents are back. Watching these movies can give you some of the wacky ideas on how to handle such situations.

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All of us have been in some fun position while having sex that’s what makes sex even more memorable, the funny stories you can share with your friends. These are some of the Hot funny movies in Hollywood where you can see the mixture of lust and comedy.

1. American Pie (1999) – Watch Now

American Pie Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

Who can fuck a pie? Only Jim Levenstein has the lust to fuck a pie. Who has the hottest mom in the world? Stiffler! Indeed. “American Pie” is one of the best sex comedy we all have experienced so far, with a collection of eight, you will be bewildered to see the craziest things people can do in their college to have sex. All those slutty college hot teens you want to get laid with, their tight perky nipples swelling red while they have sex with random guys in college. You will get to see all of it in this sex comedy.

2. The Girl Next Door (2003) – Watch Now

The Girl Next Door Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

You would love a teenager like Elisha Cuthbert living next doors, when matt see the slender naughty babe Danielle, peeling her clothes off from her body and getting naked, he praised God for the neighbor he has. Fantasizing the ways to fuck Danielle, Matt finds himself in an awkward situation, after he finds out that she is a porn model. With oodles of drama, the motion picture was a chartbuster in 2004 all those hot sequences in the movie will make you jack off. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should experience the best arousal with “The Girl Next Door”.

3. Sex Drive (2008) – Watch Now

Sex Drive Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

Ever dated someone online? All those smooth talks you did while texting her, now she wants to meet you and get laid, it’s your astronomical day pal, suddenly you realize you are not the exact duplicate character you described her, you are. Checking her profile makes you desire her more and now you want to fuck her brains out. With no clue, you seek advice from your ally, who helps you achieve your destiny, that’s what buddy do, right! With some of the sexiest adventure in a person life, Sex drive proves to be the exact adventure you could imagine to experience.

4. Road Trip (2000) – Watch Now

Road Trip Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

Recording sex with a stranger and then mistakenly sending it to your girlfriend, you are in big trouble, how to get out of this situation? It’s time for a road trip. These tetrad dudes on a mission will make you perch still on your couch making sure you relish the road trip with them as much as they do. The movie should be named Sex Trip because of all the sex and adventure these four dudes have on the way of fetching the tape back. You will definitely love the sequence of things go kooky.

5. Friends with Benefits (2011) – Watch Now

Friends with Benefits Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

Friends with benefits, the movie you should all be thankful for, for introducing this term in your lives, telling us the exact meaning of having someone just for physical needs, whenever you desire for sex just bang on, no strings attached just exotic sex till the time you exhaust yourself to sleep. You will love to watch the grouping, bounded by seductive Mila Kunis and young Justin Timberlake, watching Mila riding the dick of Justin will definitely make you grab someone and have sex, the best way of finding someone who would love to stay friends with you while you get all the benefits from them, is to let them know that this is a must watch.

6. Bachelor Party (1984) – Watch Now

Bachelor Party Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

If your friend is getting married and you are outlining a bachelor party for him, watch this before you make any plans, maybe you will get some of the most fascinating ideas on how it’s done. In the ’70s and ’80s, people didn’t have much of the options for porn’s; they use to enjoy the scenes on the big screen. This movie is a bit old but has the best humor mixed with some wild events. You can be assured that while watching, your stomach will pain from all the laughing and fun and your dick won’t settle seeing all those beautiful ladies on screen.

7. Hard Bodies (1984) – Watch Now

Hard Bodies Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

As you might have fathomed this A-rated movie will give you a glimpse of how things worked in the ’70s and ’80s. You will be amazed to see all those bare girls in their bikini’s with fit tight butts and outstanding boobs walking around on a beach. Filled with fun and deepest fantasies of a bachelor you will definitely want to host such the bachelor for your friends.

8. Superbad (2007) – Watch Now

Superbad Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

Underage young dudes looking for some fun as they don’t want to stay virgin, they try to impress the hottest girls in the school. Leading to a series of consequence they find themselves trapped in. This movie is an unbelievable piece of work, you will see some tits and some banging, but most of the part shows how difficult it is for young guys to have sex without getting busted.

9. Van Wilder The Rise Of Taj (2006) – Watch Now

Van Wilder The Rise Of Taj Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

Another best in the collection is Van Wilder, as the name suggests it’s wild to the core, showing you everything you want to watch in an R-rated movie. When Taj badalandabad comes to the college as a professor, trying to make his stay memorable he has to go through some serious shit from his rivals, but making sure he gives them a taste defeat. Taj make his own clubhouse with four of his uniquely baled students and a hot seductive supervisor whom he fell in love with and term up indulging sex.

10. Wedding Crashers (2005) – Watch Now

Wedding Crashers Sex Comedy Movies in hollywood

Oven Wilson and Vice Vaugh starring as the wedding crashers find themselves in the wedding where the things don’t turn around how they expected them to be. Were Oven raze in fondness with a girl, Vaugh finds himself trapped after having sex with a crazy on the beach, things take their own turn, with humor and joy they can’t get themselves out and things start getting nuts.


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