Top 10 Hottest Actresses in Hollywood of 2019

Hot spices of Hollywood, these actresses are in demand every season. They might not be young as the new faces of the industry but know the interest of the viewers. Claimed by many they have been the leading perfectionist of the industry giving no space for others to breathe.

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You must surely be having their posters pasted in your room imaging and daydreaming about them. Giving you company in your lone time they have made sure that you are not deprived of imagining what it’s like being with the hottest actresses of the Industry. These are the top 10 hottest women in Hollywood of 2019:

1. Brie Larson

Brie Larson top 10 Hottest Hollywood actresses

You are soon going to watch her in the upcoming Marvel movies, “Avengers- The Endgame”, and “Captain Marvel”, all sexy Larson portraying the role of Captain Marvel. Her fans truly appreciate her attire in the movie where she is dressed up as Captain Marvel. Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers age 29, born on October 01, 1989 looks smoking hot in her tight fit latex attire leaving her admirers awestruck by her amazing figure, measuring 34-24-35in with her bra size of 32B her cup size measuring B. With blonde hairs and brown eyes, Larson is getting a lot of attention after breaking up with Alex Greenwald whom she dated from 2013-2019.

2. Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

Hot and ambitious Elizabeth Chase Olsen was inbred in Sherman Oaks, California, The United States. Her psyche demands fondness and awe. You all can perceive her depicting as Scarlet Witch from the Avenger series, hankering with Vision. We are inquisitive to cognize how the progeny of Scarlet Witch and Vision will look like and what all lordship they will seize. Her stats dimension 34-25-35 making her the seasoning of the megacorp. Her green eyes are captivating, standing tall at 5ft 4.1/4in she is slenderized, weighing 56 kg, her bra size is 32B, her cups measuring B, presently dating Robbie Arnett, they are dating since 2017 and are still together.

3. Amber Heard

Elizabeth Olsen top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

Breathtaking Amber Heard looks ravishing, queen of seduction. Amber is currently dating Vito Schnabel since 2018 after she broke up with the multi-billionaire boyfriend Elon Musk in 2018. She is Bisexual in her sexual orientation which confirmed after she dated Tasya van Ree, two years enjoying the luxury of being a bisexual. Her body stats measure 34-27-34, with a bra size of 32B. Her Blonde hairs and blue eyes are mesmerizing and she looks tempting in her bikini. Portraying the roles of girls getting sexualized, movies like “Never Back Down” in 2008, “Hidden Palms” (2007) show her concern for the particular genre.

4. Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

With her bold looks, she tempts. Admirers at every step, Jennifer Lynn Connelly is currently 48 and still a bombshell in the industry. Desired and worshiped by her followers, who wants to peek in the details of her flawless body. This beauty was born in Cairo, New York, United States Of America, Attended Yale and Stanford making her the beauty with brains. Her height measures 5ft 6.1/2in Weight 52kg with a slim built her stats measure 34-23-33 with a breast size of 32C. The actress has been seen in several movies, her first film was “Once Upon A Time In America” in 1984, giving her the taste of stardom. Dated 8 so far, ended up marrying Paul Bettany whom she started dating in 2002 and got espoused in 2003.

5. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

40-year-old Mayte Michelle Rodríguez, sexy Hollywood actress is popularly known for her portrayal as Letty. In the famous Fast And The Furious series, this stalwart girl started dating after she called off her engagement with her Muslim boyfriend due to their differences in religious belief. She has dated 9 so far. She enjoys both sexes being bisexual and dated Cara Jocelyn Delevingne in 2014 and Kristanna Sommer Loken from 2006 to 2007. She last dated High School Musical star Zac Efron in 2014. She is single and wanting. Her stats measure 34-25-34, bra size measuring 32B.

6. Jenifer Lawrence

Jenifer Lawrence top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

Smoldering looks and sex appeal of Jenifer Lawrence has always made her fan intrigued in her personality, having a huge fan base Jenifer had always been in the dreams of her followers making them hard and needy. Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is 28 born in Louisville, Kentucky, the United States. Her star sign is Leo, which definitely reflects in her personality traits, with an athletic build, standing tall at 5ft 9in Weighting 63kg, Jenifer is an owns a beautiful body, her sexual orientation is straight, blonde hairs and blue eyes. She is unmarried and her corset size is 32c with her Cups being C. Her fans can easily guess her body measurements by the role she portrayed in X-men. Dated 5 so far, Lawrence has been engaged to Cooke Maroney whom she started dating in the year of 2018.

7. Halle Berry

Halle Berry top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

Eye candy of the industry Halle Berry is loved by all and desired by many. The actress was inbred in Cleveland, Ohio, United stated. Aged 52, she has proved that age is just a number as she is fit and active leaving her competitors amazed by her skills and voluptuous figure. Berry has dated 9 so far, being with Oliver Martinez since 2010, they are happily married and blessed with a son Maceo-Robert. She is straight in her sexuality, with black hair and eyes, body measuring 36-26-37 which she has preserved perfectly even at this age.

8. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Hottest hollywood actresses

Marrying Nick Jonas this year, the desi girl from India has always been a reason for sleepless nights and morning boners for many around the globe. Born in Jamshedpur, Bihar, India, the beauty of Priyanka is admired by all, she was the Miss World 2000, her Boobs are tight and smattering. She always had a close relation with controversy, linked with several A-rated stars of Bollywood since the start of her career which include names like Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar. She had dated 4 before settling with Nick Jonas. Her stats measures 35-26-37, her sensuous ass has always been the center of attraction for her worshipers.

9. Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

Catherine Élise Blanchett is 49-year-old and still in her best shape. This Australian elegance was inbred in Melbourne. With a slim built and outstanding personality, Cate’s persona never fails to mesmerize her votary. She instituted her progress with an Australian film “Police Rescue”. Mother of three Cate possesses a figure of the 34in breast, 35in ass with the waist of 24in which is quite a lot to maintain at this age. This blonde is straight with blue eyes spreading her charisma. Married to Andrew Uptown since 1997, she still is still active in her career exploring new heights of success.

10. Mila Jovovich

Mila Jovovich top 10 Hottest hollywood actresses

Standing tall at 5ft. 9Inch. Milica Natasha Jovovich is 43, born on December 17, 1975. She became a citizen of U.S when she was 19. Born in Ukraine, she is bold and tough in her looks. She left her school when she was in 7th standard so that she can concentrate on her modeling skills. The actress is a supermodel, musician, couturier, and starlet. Her stats measurements are 33-25-34, Mila, Alice of Resident evil, has always been fantasized and desired by her adherents, making it hard for them not to fantasize about her in different cosplays.


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